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Counter-Strike Gaming Gear, Hardware, Peripherals, and Setups used by CS:GO Professionals.

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CS:GO Pro Gear

CS:GO is currently the most popular FPS eSport with hundreds of professional and semiprofessional players. With such a huge player-base, it’s no surprise that there exists a huge variety of setups and gear preferences. Here’s some basic info to help you get acquainted when looking for what you need to know when deciding what gaming equipment to use.


In CS:GO it’s widely agreed (and supported through research) that lower sensitivities provide the most positive impact on consistent gameplay. Higher sensitivity magnifies any subtle movements you make, making it harder to control your spray and tapping. Although new gaming mice continue to push the dpi ceiling, it should not be viewed as a huge determining factor in the purchase.


The Keyboards that Pro CS:GO players use generally have less of a direct impact on gameplay in CS:GO. Virtually all gaming keyboards come equipped with anti-ghosting capabilities (allowing for multiple keypresses to register simultaneously). We find that professional players prefer tenkeyless keyboards (keyboards that do not include a numpad). These smaller and more compact versions allow for more mousepad room,and for the mouse-arm to be put closer to the body. Mechanical keyboards are certainly popular, although not a necessity. Depending on the type of mechanical switch, players may have less accidental keypresses and better control over their movement.

Mouse pad

Mouse pads are a component one might not think has a noticeable impact. However, gaming grade surfaces designed for speed and control provide advantages in certain situations. Cloth pads generally provide more traction & friction, allowing for less slide at the end of mouse movement. They provide consistent movement and control across the surface. Hard surfaces on the other hand allow for swift movements that reward deft mouse handling. Players who rely on rapid aiming and flicking may prefer this type of surface.


Monitors in CS:GO and every game in general have been gaining importance along with the rise of eSports. Refresh rates are quickly becoming the determining factor in a gaming monitors impact. Current professional standards require 120hz or 144hz monitors to maximize your control and feeling in-game. Higher end monitors will have better color vibrancy and less latency, although these are mostly secondary factors.