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Find Setups and Gaming Gear used by Top Professionals

Competitive Gaming Hardware Down to a Science.


Find out what Gaming Gear the Pros use

We constantly update our database of Equipment that all the top pro players are using in Counter-Strike, Starcraft2, and League of Legends.


Gaming Gear Statistics and Analysis

See how having the best gaming gear correlates to win percentages and statistics in the pro gaming circuits. What mouse, keyboard, headset, and mousepad is the statistically the best?


In-Game Settings

Find out what crosshairs the top Counter-Strike players are using, as well as the mouse sensitivities, hotkeys, and other important settings in all the most popular competitive games.


Gaming Product Reviews

Get Reviews on the hottest high-performance Gaming Products on the market. Find out why the top players prefer certain types gear over others.

Gaming is no longer just a fun hobby that people do in their free time. Video games are now becoming extremely competitive cyber sports where the top players are competing for millions of dollars. Just like in any other sport, to be the best gamer it really helps to have the best gear. The problem is that a lot of gaming equipment being sold these days just isn’t as good as the advertisements will lead you to believe. Esporty keeps you updated on the newest and best gear that is being used by elite Professional Gamers around the world. Not only that, but we also provide statistics and in-game setups so you can ensure you have the exact same advantages as the pros do.